Bascinet 1375-1400- (142)

This helmet is based on the oryginal with The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The visored bascinet served as the standard helmet worn throughout Europe from about 1300 to about 1420.

The pierced studs along the rim held the aventail . The helmet is made of special steel C45 plate 2mm thick.

Helmet can posses :

  • catch for peacock’s feathers +7,80 EURO
  • tubular catches +20 EURO
  • leather stripe to hook the chain mail +10 EURO
  • lining with section accessories
  • a chainmail with the riveted flat rings + 135 EUR
  • a belt under a chin + 6 EUR
  • sewing the lining at the helmet +12,50 EUR
  • a blockade of curtain + 20 EUR

This part of armour may be ordered in the following versions:

-historical surface – free

– mirror 25 EUR